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bon-appetit-logo.gif                                                                                                            "Ask the nine students from the 2015 pastry class at the San Francisco Cooking School about their process, and they’ll tell you that making a perfect chocolate chip cookie isn’t about memorizing a recipe. It’s a state of mind."


logo_nbcbayarea_stacked_black0309.jpg                                                                                                        "Under the guidance of instructor Nicole Plue, the 12 students of San Francisco Cooking School's pastry department host a "Bakery Day" celebration before heading off to various externships."


"Nicole Plue, director of pastry arts at the San Francisco Cooking School, explains why such a simple pastry can be as much of a showcase for a pastry chef as a chocolate-lavender bombe."


"100 Things to Do in SF Before You Die. #73: Polish your culinary skills at San Francisco Cooking School."


Liano, a cooking teacher for 14 years at Tante Marie’s, kept hearing from local chefs that culinary students were coming into their kitchens unprepared for the rigors of restaurant life. She decided to do something about it." 


“Conversations with local chefs had persuaded her (Liano) that some culinary schools were not really teaching their students how to taste their dishes, operate outside of recipes, and fix their mistakes. These are the basics of "culinary intuition," as she calls it. And so with the SFCS, Liano has set out to correct what she perceives as a deficiency in culinary education.”


“New students in Nicole Plue's pastry classes at the San Francisco Cooking School...might not realize they've hit the dessert jackpot. Having been in the restaurant business for decades, Plue's resume reads like a greatest-hits collection from New York and Bay Area hot spots.”


“San Francisco Cooking School has launched a special three-day culinary workshop where locals and visitors alike can learn how to make sweets (what else) from some of the country's finest pastry and dessert chefs.”


“Liano...long-held a vision for a new type of cooking school: one that could truly prepare students to not just survive, but thrive in the demanding professional kitchens of San Francisco's sizzling food scene."


“Instead of teaching with recipes, Liano prioritized good common sense and understanding -- no "robots" in the kitchen. That means tasting incessantly, learning to balance the flavors of dishes, seasoning, and other basics that could be built upon.”


“Folks in the restaurant industry have long debated whether culinary school is worth the high tuition rates for an industry in which entry-level jobs are notoriously low-paying...One to watch, the San Francisco Cooking School is still in its first year of operation. There's an intensive tasting workshop to kick off the program and two-month externship placements at top San Francisco restaurants.”


“There's a new culinary academy in town -- and Le Cordon Bleu might do well to pay attention. That's because the San Francisco Cooking School's philosophy is a major departure from traditional culinary institutes."


“Get rid of your timer. Jodi's first recommendation may seem radical but it has a purpose. A great cook uses all her senses to know when something is done, she explains.”


“‘You can’t learn to be a chef in culinary school. We’re training people to be entry-level cooks,’ said Liano, but cooks with smarts, creativity, and a lively knowledge of how things work in the kitchen and beyond.”


“Backed with a super star set of talented deans, advisors, and instructors from notable restaurants all over the city...SFCS is on track to raise the bar and re-set the standard for cooking schools nationwide.”


“‘You can be the best cook in the world, but if you can't communicate to your staff you will never make it,’ said Stoll. ‘SFCS will give students a thorough understanding of what it takes to succeed in the business.’”